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School of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney is an exchange destination in Australia for MA students veterinary medicine after completion of the differentiated part of the masterprogramme.

Areas of study open to exchange students

Clinical rotations and research.

Number of places available


Student experiences

For student experiences - ervaringsverhalen please go to the Blackboard Community of the International Office of Veterinary Medicine (only accessible for veterinary medicine students).


Sydney School of Veterinary Science
​​​​​​​Veterinary teaching hospitals
University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Social Media

Insta (Vet student Association)
Insta (Vet teaching hospital)

Academic calendar

Rotations go year-round in 4 blocks of 12 weeks. Starting end of January, end of March, mid June and beginning of September.

For up-to-date planning go to the blackboard community of the International Office of Veterinary Medicine (only accessible for VetMed students).


For following clinical rotations or electives students need to have at least an English B2 level (not necessary to hand in a language test).

Course catalogue

For up-to-date rotation cycles please take a look at the Blackboard page of the International Office of Veterinary Medicine.

Please note; there are two locations: the Sydney area and the Camden area.


Courses at Master’s level


Courses taught in English



Start your search for student accommodation by visiting this site.

Estimated living costs per month

The average living costs at the University of Sydney are around 2,000 AUD a month (estimate from 2022).

You can find a more detailed breakdown of the living costs here.



Per full-time week 1,5 ECTS.


For students visa het in touch with the Sydney international office and read this page.

International Office Diergeneeskunde

Ideeën en vragen?

Je kunt bij het International Office (IO) Diergeneeskunde terecht met al je vragen over het volgen van onderwijs in het buitenland.

Het International Office bestaat uit: 
Inge Hordijk (coördinator) en Fabiënne van der Sijs.


Heb je een afspraak op locatie? Je kunt op de 1e verdieping in het studielandschap wachten bij het bankje bij de giraf.