Okayama University

Okayama University, a globally oriented university, is an exchange destination for University College Utrecht students, located in Okayama, Japan.

Semesters available

We recommend going in Spring, since that semester aligns better with the UCU academic year. Do note that you will have to arrange for housing yourself between the UCU Fall semester and the start of the semester at Okayama.

Number of places available

2 students per semester

Academic calendar

Fall Semester: End of September – mid-February
Spring Semester: End of March – mid-August

Language of instruction


Course offer

Your courses will focus on the three core fields: Cultural Diversity and Communities, Solcial Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Transdisciplinary Sciences for Global Sustainability. More information on courses can be found here.

Course levels

Courses vary from level 1 to level 4. Level 5 and 6 courses are not available for exchange students.

Credit system

Okayama credits are equivalent to two UCU credits, so 15 credits make a full time course load. Courses are between 1 and 3 credits.

Grade system

Okayama uses the letter grade system (A-F), just like UCU.


Some on-campus housing is available at Okayama. International students live in four-person units, which include one Japanese student. More information here.


An estimation of the costs at Okayama can be found here. Note that this does not include visa costs and travel to Okayama. I general, life in Japan is about as expensive as in the Netherlands. 


Orientation is organised in English.

Student experiences

Okayama University is a new destination, and therefore we have not received feedback from our students yet. Be the first UCU student to explore Okayama!


Okayama University is located on the edge of the city of Okayama in mid-western Japan. The city has some 800,000 inhabitants. Okayama is connected to the high-speed Shinkansen railway between Osaka and Hiroshima. The university is close to the largest shopping mall in Western Japan. The city has tourist attractions such as a castle and temples. Find out more here

There are many festivals and public holidays in Japan, especially in summer. Find out more here.

Student life

Okayama University has about 15,000 students. The main campus (Tsushima Campus) is close to a large sports park that includes a football stadium. 

More information

For information about the requirements for studying abroad, the application procedure and more, go to UCU's Study abroad page. 

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