Lund University (LUSEM)

Lund University is an exchange destination for bachelor and master students of Utrecht University School of ECONOMICS.

Student experiences

Student experiences Lund


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General information for exchange students


Academic calendar

Semester I: End of August – Mid January
Semester II: Mid January – Beginning of June

Academic calendar

Areas of study open to exchange students

BA level Economics and Management courses


Course information

LUSEM offers courses for exchange students within business administration, business law, economics, economic history, informatics and statistics.
Exchange students are expected to take the majority of their courses at LUSEM. Courses on graduate level are only open to graduate level students, and seat availability cannot be guaranteed. All courses must be approved by the home university before applying. Visit for more information regarding courses, syllabi and prerequisites.

Course information
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Language of instruction

English (and Swedish)


Housing assistance

To find somewhere to live, most international students apply through LU Accommodation, AF Bostäder, BoPoolen or other accommodation agencies. We recommend that you apply to both LU Accommodation and AF Bostäder. The application dates and deadlines may vary. Exchange students are not guaranteed housing. Visit housing for more information.

Estimated living costs per month

Living costs per month 


Academic credits

Number of places available

4 semester places per year, evenly divided over semester 1 & 2.

When your are not selected to go in semester 1, we will ask you whether you are interested in going in semester 2.

Visa / Residence permit

all students from countries outside the EU/EEA need to have a residence permit to study in Sweden if they are planning on staying for more than three months.

VISA / residence permit 




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Do you have any questions about this partner university or would you like to know more?

Contact the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

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