Charles University (Prague)

Charles University (Prague) is an exchange destination for bachelor and master students of the Utrecht University School of LAW.
The original name of the university is Univerzita Karlova v Praze.


Student experiences

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General information for exchange students

Course information (Law courses)

Faculty of Law


Academic calendar

Semester I (Winter Semester): October - early February 
Semester II (Summer Semester): mid-February - June

Academic Calendar

There is always a welcome week at the beginning of the semster. This program provides practical information (registration, study information, useful tips etc.) and presentation of the students’ club and their social activities. More information here: 


Language of instruction:  English, Czech and other Foreign languages

Language requirement: a minimum of a B2 language level (CEFR) in English/language of instruction is required. You have to submit proof of this language proficiency upon your application at the host university.

Most faculties offer a number of Czech language classes at various levels, from beginners to intermediate. Incoming students are welcome to register for these. 

Areas of study open for exchange students


All nominated students will receive a list of courses taught in English available for the academic year. According to the rules of Charles University, Erasmus students should take at least 51 % of their courses (or earn the same number of credits) at the Faculty where they were nominated to. Courses from other Faculties can be searched also via our online system SIS

It is not possible to include sports courses on your learning agreement because the Board of Examiners will not approve these courses.

Please keep this in mind, as we will not be able to sign your learning agreement if you do.

Courses at Master level


Important notes:

✓ Students have to take minimum of 51% of the courses at the Faculty they are nominated to.

✓ Students will be able to register online to the courses only upon their arrival during the Orientation week.

✓ Students have to pay attention to the last letter of the subject code. “B” stand for the Bachelor’s level. “M” stands for the Master’s level, “D” stands for PhD. students

Estimated living costs per month

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is on average comparable to that of other Central and East European countries. For 2015-2016 a single student is advised to have available approximately Kč 8 500 – 9 000 (app. 312 – 340) per month to cover food, basic transport and accommodation.

  • Rent CZK 3,000–7,000
  • Food CZK 3,800–4,200
  • Transport CZK 250–300
  • Leisure Time CZK 700–2,000
    Total CZK 7,750–13,500

Be aware that the level of rent varies depending on which city you live in, whether you use the University dormitory or private place and if you share the flat or not. The final cost of living, of course, depends on your personal spending habits. 



Normal study load per semester: 30 ECTS

UU Board of Examiners

Study results are measured by examinations, supervised written work, project work or colloquia. Examinations may be written, oral or combined. The grading scale is as follows:

A (excellent) výborně
B (very good) velmi dobře
C (good) dobře
F (fail) nevyhověl    

Number of places available

4 semester places per year 


Erasmus students are welcome to apply for accommodation at Charles University Halls of Residence, the online application form includes a housing option. More information can be found here

Do you have any questions about this partner university or would you like to know more?

Contact the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

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