The universitywide International Office at Student Services offers exchanges to all UU students. You are therefore invited to join our Study abroad presentations to learn more about the almost 100 partner universities.

The presentations of Student Services are for small groups, which means there is a lot of room for your questions. We will focus on studying in a specific country and region, instead of general and application information. Students who have already been to the region will be present to share their experiences and answer your questions. 

Due to the limited capacity, you need to sign up through this link

Your own faculty will host a meeting where the faculty options are discussed, including guidelines on how to fit the exchange in your study programme and how to apply. If you are interested in a universitywide exchange, it is also useful to visit the faculty presentation. Please check the faculty Study abroad information as well.

Australia en New Zealand

9 October 17.15 - USP
22 October 17.15 - City Centre - Janskerkhof 3 - Room 013


14 October 15.15 - City Centre

North America

8 October 17.15 - City Centre
24 October 17.15 - USP - Uithof - Ruppert 1.34

Northern & Eastern Europe, Turkey en Israel
List with Universities

15 October 17.15 - USP - Uithof - Ruppert 1.34

Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece en France
List with Universities

16 October 15.15 - City Centre - Janskerkhof 3 - collegezaal 013

Latin America en South-Africa

21 October 15.15 - City Centre