Your faculty offers you options to study abroad. You can also choose from the almost 100 worldwide exchanges of Student Services that are available to all UU students.
The presentations of Student Services are for small groups, which means there is a lot of room for your questions. Due to this limited capacity, you need to sign up through the form below.

General presentation
You will get information about the partner universities of Student Services, how you can make a choice and how to apply for these exchanges. The general presentation takes 30-45 minutes.

Presentation with regional part
Directly after most presentations, you will get information about a specific region, see the overview below. Students who have been to the region on an exchange will be present to share their experiences and to answer your questions. This part takes about 45 minutes.

Students who are not interested in the presentation on the region can leave after the general part. It is not possible to visit the regional presentation only.

Date and time Programme
Thursday 21 September, 13.30 hrs General presentation + North America 
Tuesday 26 September, 9.15 hrs General presentation + Asia
Wednesday 27 September, 9.15 hrs General presentation + Australia & New Zealand
Monday 2 October, 15.30 hrs General presentation + Southern Europe 
(Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece, France)
Tuesday 10 October, 11.15 hrs General presentation + North America
Thursday 19 October, 15.30 hrs General presentation + Australia & New Zealand
Wednesday 25 October, 13.30 hrs General presentation + Latin America & Africa
Friday 27 October, 13.30 hrs General presentation + Rest of Europe and Turkey and Israel
Wednesday 15 November, 13:30 hrs General presentation
Friday 17 November, 13.30 hrs General presentation

Sign up
Participation is free, but you need to sign up for one of the presentations. You will be informed about the location a few days before the meeting.

It is not possible to sign up for more than one presentation. However, you can find information about all regions (a summary of each exchange programme and student reports) on the website.

The office hours of the Student Exchange Coordinators are only open to students who have already been to a presentation.