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Faculty of Science
Are you interested in studying abroad? Please visit one of our presentations on study abroad given by the Faculty of Science. These meetings will be held in September/October for studying abroad the next study year.

Other information meetings?
The International Office of Utrecht University universitywide organises presentations as well.
Are you interested in a Science exchange, in this presentation you can find the most important information. Are you interested in the story from a student’s perspective on doing courses abroad?

You might also consider going abroad for a research assignment or thesis.
Interested to see the student’s perspective on this?



Look at the destinations for students of the Faculty of Science. We have agreements with Erasmus+ partners in Europe (see the list of Science partners).  UU International Office universitywide has also partner universities in many countries. 


An exchange period normally last for a semester or five months. The maximum period for an exchange period is one year. With your graduation, the courses you have accomplished abroad, will be put on your International Diploma Supplement. You will not receive a diploma from the partner university.

Utrecht University has general deadlines for exchange application. These deadlines apply for study exchange. This, and other practical information, is explained in detail on the general webpages of the Universiteit van Utrecht regarding study abroad, or, you can find this information in the factsheet of the Faculty of Science (bijgaand). 

If you do not want to do courses, but a traineeship with regard to your thesis or research assignment the following information is applicable:

For an application on exchange as internship abroad, you need to register your study abroad at least three months prior in Osiris, e.g. if you want to go abroad in the second semester, you need to register this in Osiris before 1 November.

Would you like a checklist as extra aid in organizing your exchange? Use the checklist of Natural Sciences or Life Sciences.



Approval Study plan/research project

Study Plan 
Will you be attending courses at a different university? Please complete the study plan for your first choice. You need to have it signed by the study advisor (bachelor programmes) or your master programme coordinator before you can upload this in Osiris with your study abroad request study.

Research project
Will you be doing a research project, thesis or internship abroad? Please complete the application form of your bachelor/master programme. You need to have it signed by all parties specified on the form, before you can upload this in Osiris with your study abroad request internship.

For masterprogrammes Life Sciences: a copy of the confirmation e-mail to your supervisors/examiners should be used instead of the application form. 

Credits and grades


If you go abroad, it is necessary to incorporate the courses you have done abroad in your examination programme. For this you need formal approval from the Board of Examiners.

As soon as you know which courses you will attend, you can ask the formal approval of the Board of Examiners. They will decide whether the courses have a sufficient enough academic level (bachelor/master) and they will check whether or not they overlap with the courses within your examination programme. If there is (too) much overlap with other courses, you are not allowed to incorporate them both in your examination programme.

We advise you to ask permission to do these courses relatively short before your departure to the guest university or as soon as you have arrived. It may happen that your request will be denied and it is a nuisance to hear this message once you have completed the course. Should there be any changes in your courses whilst you are abroad, you need to apply for approval again by the Board of Examiners.

How can I get approval?

Please check the information stated at your programme on the student’s site:

bachelors: praktische zaken  >  regelingen en procedures > (deel)examencommissie > aanvraagformulier. Complete the form and send this (with a link towards) course descriptions to the Board of Examiners.
master programmes: check with your study advisor, programme coordinator or OER. Give information on course descriptions to the Board of Examiners.

Information per programme

Your study programme might have extra conditions you need to be aware of, and they might have extra options to study abroad. For that reason, make sure to check the specific study abroad info for your study programme bachelor or master.


The International Exchange Officer of Faculty Science is Liesbeth Achterberg.

Open office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11-12.00 hours
Location: Buys Ballot building, room 1.19, Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht

With questions and/or to schedule an appointment, please email:
Urgent questions: 030-2537315