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Economics and Business Economics



Study Abroad presentations: for 2021-2022

This page details the information events on studying abroad for LEG students. These events will inform you about: incorporating an exchange into your degree, transferring credits, and practicalities. LEG students will receive an invitation by email.

These events are part of the Utrecht University Study Abroad weeks, which take place October 5th - 16th. During the Study Abroad weeks, you can participate in several online information events and workshops. Among other things, these sessions will touch upon the following: what is an exchange programme, how to choose a destination, and the application procedure. 

Presentation sessions:

Economics: Tuesday October 6th, 14:00 (until about 15:30)
Recorded presentation U.S.E. Study Abroad 2021-2022
(session actually starts at 0:14:50, so you best move your cursor to that moment)
Powerpoint slides

Governance: Thursday October 8th, 17:00 (until about 18:00)
To find the link to the recorded presentation, switch to the Dutch webpage

Law: Tuesday October 6th, 16.30 (until about 17.30)
To find the link to the recorded presentation, switch to the Dutch webpage

Find here the university-wide presentations

For the remaining places available after the 1 December deadline and the applicable procedures, check the list of remaining places!




Study Plan

During the application process, you will need to upload a study plan to Osiris. This document needs to be approved by your study advisor. Your application cannot be processed without this approved document, so make sure to obtain it well in advance of the deadline. 

You can download a study plan from this page.

After you have completed your Study Abroad application request in Osiris Student and have uploaded all the necessary documents, the International Exchange Office (IEO) will start the allocation procedure:

1. The allocation process consists of several rounds and deadlines. After applying for the first deadline of December 1st, a student’s first-choice destination will be considered.

2. For each application, the IEO will check if it meets the admission requirements of the chosen partner university. 

3. If the amount of applications for a university exceeds the number of available places, the places will be allocated by drawing lots* 
   (* at the School of Governance an extra selection process will be executed).

4. If you are not allocated to your preferred first-choice destination, your second and third-choice destinations will be considered if they still have places available. If necessary, these places will again be allocated by drawing lots.

5. You will be notified of the allocation outcome late January. 

6. In rare cases, a student cannot be allocated to any of their top-3 destinations. You will then be allowed to choose a new destination top-3, based on the places that are still available. Your application will have priority over applications that were not submitted before the December 1st deadline.

7. We assume that you choose your top-3 destinations very carefully. You will not be able to switch destinations after being allocated.

8. The IEO does not keep a waiting list for destinations that are full.


After the allocation procedure begins the nominating phase.

1. The IEO will nominate you at your assigned host university to study there as an exchange student.

2. The host university will send you their application instructions and other practical information about their institution.

3. After you have submitted your application, the host university will examine it. They will inform you whether you are officially accepted as an exchange student. (It is very rare that a nominated exchange student is not accepted into their host university.)

After the allocation process, a list of remaining places will be published. In case you were not allocated to one of your top-3 destinations, you can choose a new top-3 from this list.

After you have been allocated to a destination, you will also be required to prepare for the application for the host university. Furthermore you will have to arrange all kind of things before your departure. 

Below you can find our recorded pre-departure sessions which could help you with those preparations. 

General pre-departure session

Follow up for non-European destinations

Follow up for European destinations (link will follow soon)  



Due to the developments concerning the corona virus, all of our walk-in hours are cancelled until further notice.

You will be able to reach us by phone on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1 PM to 3 PM +31 (0)30 253 7289 or send us an mail to (for signing documents).

For more extensive consultation you can make an appointment with the relevant Exchange Coordinator by sending an email to
You can also call +31 (0)30 253 7289.

International Exchange Office - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
Janskerkhof 3
3512 BK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Paula Banning - Team leader / Exchange Coordinator (region non-Europe)
Vera Noot - Exchange Coordinator (region Europe)
Floris Bouwman - Support Officer