The study abroad session has been held on Tuesday November 3rd 2020. The programme has discussed these points:

  • “Walk-in in Teams” - 13.55 - 14.00 uur
  • Welcome Mirjam van Deutekom – 14.00 hours
  • Tiril Aamot (University of Bergen) – 14.05 hours
  • Helen de Graaff (UCL, London) – 14.10 hours
  • EGEA – 14.15 hours
  • Stan Rouhof (University of Southampton) – 14.20 hours
  • Fenna Ammerlaan (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim) – 14.25 hours
  • Menno Meijerhof (University of Bergen) – 14.30 hours
  • Information International Office – Mirjam van Deutekom – 14.35 hours
  • Veronique Schutjens about XChange project 14.50
  • Frequently asked questions from the chat -  14.55 hours

Have a look at the slides of the 2021-2022 presentation.

General study abroad presentations

The University International Office also organises study abroad presentations.

Take a look at the faculty and universitywide destinations for students at the Faculty of Geosciences.

The conditions you have to meet if you want to study abroad are the following:

  • You are enrolled as a full time student at Utrecht University.
  • As a Bachelor’s student you have earned at least 60 credits.
  • As a Bachelor’s student you have to finish your programme in no more than four years.
  • As a Master’s student you need the permission of the coordinator of your programme.

Discuss your plans

As a Bachelor’s student it is advisable to discuss your plans with your Study Advisor before you make your application, especially your Study Plan and your destination. Your Study Advisor is:

  • Earth Sciences (‘Earth’ programmes and Marine Sciences): Almar de Ronde.
  • Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences (‘Sustainability’ and ‘Innovation’ programmes, Energy Science and Water Science and Management): Pieter Louwman.
  • Human Geography and Spatial Planning (‘Urban’ , ‘Economic’ and ‘Social’ programmes, GIMA): Stef Dingemans and Mirjam Turk

You will find their contact information at the bottom of this page.

You have to upload your approved Study Plan when you make your application. If you are doing a Bachelor's programme, your plan has to be signed by your Study advisor (see contact details below) If you are doing a Master’s programme the study plan has to be signed by the programme coordinator. Make sure you add the mandatory courses with name, code and timeslot. Your study advisor will check if you are able to finish your programme in no more than four years. 

After selection

The exam commission has to approve your choice of courses, after you are selected to study abroad. The exam commission will check for overlap with the courses you have done in Utrecht.

  • As a Bachelor’s student you have to request this approval with this form. Please send the completed form to 
  • As a Master’s student you have to request this approval by means of an e-mail to Please add your Study Plan, signed by your programme coordinator, and supporting documentation such as course descriptions. The Study Plan is the same as you have used for your application.


  • Are you going abroad the first semester or a full year? You have to request for approval at the exam commission before 1 June.
  • Are you going abroad the second semester? Your deadline is 1 December.

Please hand in your list of marks, after you return, at International Office Geosciences ( and include course descriptions and explanation. The exam commission will convert your marks and decide how much credits you have earned with the course you have done.

Grades you obtain abroad are converted to Pass or Fail. These results do not count towards your grade average. In addition, the original courses and grades are recorded in OSIRIS and printed on the International Diploma Supplement. You can find more information about this in the Education and Examination Regulations.

Courses at another university must be approved by the Board of Examiners beforehand. For approved courses, credits will awarded according to the number of EC obtained, based on the conversion in the conversion table. From this year onwards, no level is determined for courses obtained abroad. However, there is still a possibility for students to have the level of courses determined when this proves necessary to meet the level requirements of the exam programme. This can be done by sending an email to the Board of Examiners ( with proof of level of the courses.

(include your name, programme and student number)
Telephone +31 30 253 9559
Or make an appointment by sending an email to

Address room 1.20, Koningsbergergebouw

For questions not answered on this site about exchange programmes, you can seek assistance from the International Office Geosciences.

Opening hours

The International Office Geosciences can be reached by telephone on Tuesday from 10:30 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 14:30, or via Teams by appointment (

Almar de Ronde

dr. Almar de Ronde

Telephone +31 30 253 5152
Address Koningsberger building (room 1.20F)

Walk-in office hours Monday 13:00 - 15:00
Office hours by appointment
Not available Friday

Please note! If you urgently have to discuss something and the study advisor is unavailable (e.g. sick or absent), you can contact one of the other study advisors of the Faculty of Geosciences. 

Jos Bierbooms

Sacha Handgraaf, Pieter Louwman and Jana Scheuer


When to contact them: If you need advice regarding your studies, making the right choices and tailoring your curriculum according to your interests and career wishes.

Bachelor students:
Master students:

Jos BierboomsAukje de Graaf / Geke Meessen

Vera Cortenraede

Telefoon 030 253 3739
Adres Vening Meineszgebouw kamer 642


Je kunt bij een van de studieadviseurs terecht voor vragen over bijv. het onderwijsprogramma, studieregelingen (bindend studieadvies) en exameneisen. Zij kunnen je adviseren over extra mogelijkheden, zoals een tweede studie, honours programma, vrijstelling en goedkeuring voor vakken, etc. Raadpleeg een van de studieadviseurs ook bij persoonlijke problemen, ziektes, beperkingen of handicaps, die invloed hebben op je studie. Als je ziet aankomen dat je studievertraging oploopt - om welke reden dan ook - neem dan zo snel mogelijk contact op.

Spreekuur op afspraak via email/telefoon 
Werkdagen​Aukje dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag 
​Werkdagen Geke ​maandag, dinsdag en vrijdag

Let op! Als je dringend iets moet bespreken en je kunt je eigen studieadviseur niet bereiken (bijv. vanwege ziekte of verlof), benader dan gerust een van de andere studieadviseurs van Geowetenschappen.