Middle East

The minor Middle East deals with the connections between the countries around the Mediterranean Sea as well as the background and reasons behind the conflicts. We will also discuss topics such as the history, religions and political systems.


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Block 1


Dr. Mehdi Sajid

Course overview

Middle East

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Entry requirements


Register between 3 June and 21 June 2024

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In the minor The Middle East we study the manifold connections between the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. We emphasize on the countries in the eastern Mediterranean and in the modern Middle East. This is the region in which many of today’s global conflicts are rooted. In this minor we examine the background and reasons for these conflicts:

  • To what extent can we explain contemporary problems in this region in terms of the region’s internal political, economic, cultural and religious dynamics?
  • To what extent should the history of Western colonialism and neo-imperialism be factored into such explanations?

The minor seeks to provide you with solid basic knowledge over the creation and historical development of the modern Middle East, but also to familiarise you with the approaches and methods employed in Middle Eastern Studies to interpret the history, religious landscape and political systems in the region.


The minor The Middle East consists of 4 compulsory courses (30 EC):

  • The Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
  • Religion and Modernities in the Modern Middle East
  • Imperialism and the Middle East
  • Iran and the Modern Middle East

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