The minor Linguistics offers an introduction to the way in which people generate and understand language in the brain, how we learn language and how we use language.


Number of EC

30 EC

Number of courses

4 compulsory courses


Block 1 and 3


BA Linguistics Coordinator

Course overview


Minor code


Entry requirements

None (not open to students of the BA-programme Linguistics/Taalwetenschap).

Associated MA programmes

Start block 1: register between 3 June and 21 June 2024
Start block 3: register between 4 November and 22 November 2024

Make sure to register for the minor as well as all its courses


The minor Linguistics offers a broad introduction into the scientific study of human language. It tries to answer questions like: how do children acquire a language, what is the relation between the language variety you speak and your social identity, what are the building blocks of language and the principles for combining them, how do we use language to make meaning and to communicate? Studying language brings together biological, cognitive, and social perspectives in an interdisciplinary way and it gives us a window on what makes us uniquely human, as thinking and talking animals.


The minor Linguistics aims to introduce students to the most important concepts and theories in the study of language, to linguistic research and to the academic, analytical, and methodological skills that are involved in this.


    The minor consists of 4 compulsory courses (30 EC). The preferred order is period 1-4, but it is also possible to start the minor in period 3.


    • If you are a student of the English Language and Culture BA and choose the specialisation “The Social Life of English”, instead of Sociolinguistics you take the course Digital Tools and Methods (TW2V23002). Contact your Study Advisor.
    • If you are a student of the Nederlandse taal en cultuur BA, instead of 'From Language to Linguistics' (TW1V13001) you take the course 'Psychology of Language' (TW1V19001). Contact your Study Advisor.

    Application and registration

    How to register for this minor and its course modules, depends on whether you are a student of Utrecht University or not.

    More information

    If you wish to know more, or have questions about this minor, please contact the Student Desk Humanities.