Introduction to Criminology for Economics students


Crime fighting institutions (like the police, but also other government agencies and parties in the private sector such as banks) have a great demand for graduates who can link economic knowledge with criminological insights. The criminology minor offers an excellent background in the theme of crime and the punishment of crime.


You will gain insights in the field of criminology. In addition to the behavior of criminals, extensive attention is also paid to how you can conduct research in the field of crime. While official data can often be used for economic research (quantitative research), this is much less the case with criminological research. This minor deals with how you can then still collect the relevant information and draw conclusions (with qualitative research). This minor provides a good preparation for the master Criminology.


Compulsory courses 

Choose one course:

It is not possible to follow the minor in another order. The minor consists of four courses: an introductory course, two advanced courses, and a final research project. The minor starts in period 1.

Please note: the duration of this minor is 1 academic year (the obligatory course Criminological Research is only offered in period 4). 

Criminology Master's programme

The Criminology minor is an entry requirement for Economics students who want to do the Criminology master.

Application and Registration

How you enroll depends on whether you are already a student at Utrecht University or not.

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