14 minors

  • Archaeology

    In the Archaeology minor you will be taught about the the material cultures of the Ancient and Medieval times.

  • Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

    Information about the minor Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience for students currently enrolled at Utrecht University.

  • Comparative Media Studies

    The minor Comparative Media Studies discusses the history, theory and analysis of media and performance practices in contemporary culture and society.

  • Creative Cities

    The minor Creative Cities discusses emerging artistic practices, subcultures and new media and how these phenomena relate to creative dynamics in society.

  • Ethics in Modern Society

    The minor Ethics in Modern Society addresses ethical issues and offers a step-by-step introduction to philosophical methodology.

  • Gender Studies

    The minor Gender Studies discusses historical and contemporary feminist movements and the forces both gender and ethnicity currently exert in society.

  • Global Asia

    The minor Global Asia approaches the developments in Asia from a global perspective.

  • History

    The History minor takes you from Ancient History to the present.

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on child development in societal challenges

    Information about the minor Interdisciplinary perspectives on child development in societal challenges.

  • International Relations

    De minor International Relations biedt een uitgebreide introductie op het terrein van Internationale Betrekkingen en internationale geschiedenis.

  • Linguistics

    This minor Linguistics offers an introduction to the way in which people generate language in their brains, how we learn language and how we use language.

  • Postcolonial Studies

    In the minor Postcolonial Studies we will address urgent questions, both theoretical and geographical, that relate to critically entangled colonial issues.

  • Transatlantic Studies

    The minor Transatlantic Studies is aimed at students who are interested in the political and cultural exchanges between Europe and North America.

  • Visual and Sensual Cultures

    The Minor Visual and Sensual Cultures addresses the study of images and all aspects of visual and sensual cultures from 1850 until today.