10 minors

  • Basics in Veterinary Medicine

    The Basics in veterinary Medicine minor is interesting for students of the Bachelor’s programme in Animal Sciences at Wageningen University & Research?

  • Brain, mind and consciousness

    Every single aspect of our being is regulated by our brain. Understanding our brain is understanding who we are. How does the brain work?

  • Business en Innovatie

    Informatie over de minor Business en Innovatie van de Universiteit Utrecht.

  • Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

    Information about the minor Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience for students currently enrolled at Utrecht University.

  • Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health

    Information about the minor Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health at Utrecht University.

  • Governance for Sustainable Development

    Informatie over de minor Governance for Sustainable Development van de Universiteit Utrecht.

  • History and Philosophy of Science  

    In this minor programme we take a step back and reflect on science itself, both from a historical and a philosophical perspective, adding context and depth to any bachelor programme.

  • Innovatiewetenschappen

    Informatie over de minor Innovatiewetenschappen van de Universiteit Utrecht.

  • Sustainable Energy

    Information about the minor Sustainable Energy at Utrecht University.

  • Sustainable Futures

    Information about the minor Sustainable Futures at Utrecht University. De minor Duurzame ontwikkeling wordt vervangen door de minor Sustainable Futures.