14 minors

  • Brain, mind and consciousness

    Every single aspect of our being is regulated by our brain. Understanding our brain is understanding who we are. How does the brain work?

  • Celtic Languages and Culture

    The minor ‘Celtic literature’ explores the great literatures that were produced in Ireland and Wales during the medieval period.

  • Comparative Media Studies

    The minor Comparative Media Studies discusses the history, theory and analysis of media and performance practices in contemporary culture and society.

  • English Language and Culture

    The minor English Language and Culture is meant for students interested in English, and in the literatures and cultures that make use of that language.

  • Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health

    Information about the minor Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health at Utrecht University.

  • Linguistics

    This minor Linguistics offers an introduction to the way in which people generate language in their brains, how we learn language and how we use language.

  • Literary Studies

    The minor Literary Studies offers an overview of European literary history and its main aspects.

  • Literature in conflict

    In the minor literatuur in conflict you will learn to understand the politics of culture and to interpret the role of literature in current political debates.

  • Literatuurwetenschap

    De minor Literatuurwetenschap biedt een overzicht van de Europese literatuurgeschiedenis en haar belangrijkste aspecten.

  • Medieval Literature

    In the minor Medieval Literature, you will explore writings in Latin, Irish, Welsh and Arabic in the Middle Ages.

  • Middle Ages

    In the Middle Ages minor you will explore the European Middle Ages from different angles, such as history, art history and literature.

  • Middle East

    Information on the minor Middle East.

  • Postcolonial Studies

    In the minor Postcolonial Studies we will address urgent questions, both theoretical and geographical, that relate to critically entangled colonial issues.

  • Taal, Recht en Cultuur

    In deze minor leer je interdisciplinair denken over complexe maatschappelijke vraagstukken waarin talige, juridische en culturele spelregels de uitkomst bepalen.