Those who intend to complete an internship abroad should remember that certain arrangements will take longer than for internships in the Netherlands. Begin the procedures indicated on the ‘Seven steps to internship’ page well in advance (i.e. six months to one year), bearing in mind the following issues:

Agreement for international internships

Download the international internship agreement by the EAIE and additional information on liability.


International internships can be expensive. Fortunately, there are all manner of strategies to minimise the costs.

Retention of your DUO student grant and/or reimbursement of student public transport support

It is often possible to retain your DUO student grant during your stay abroad. Visit the DUO website for the terms and conditions.

You can generally be reimbursed for the months that you were unable to use your student public transport card (Studenten OV-chipkaart) in the Netherlands. Visit the DUO website for further information.

Be sure to finalise all arrangements with DUO at least two months prior to departure.


Erasmus: If you complete your internship in an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey, you may be eligible for an Erasmus grant, which is designed to defray the travel expenses and the costs of living abroad. Visit this for further information.

If you are looking for a public/private fund for financial support to cover the costs of living abroad, visit Click here if you have already found a potential fund and require a letter of recommendation from the student counsellor as part of your application.

Visa and permits
  • If you complete your internship in the EU, you do not require a visa or a work permit.
    • If you complete your internship in a non‑EU country, you will always require a work permit and/or a visa. Bear in mind that the processing time for visa/work permits can be long. Some developing nations can take up to a year to complete these administrative procedures.
  • Please note: if you are not a student from an EU/EEA country, be sure to check what rules apply to you.
  • Visit the WilWeg website (in Dutch) for more detailed information about 50 countries.

Health insurance

The validity of your health insurance while completing your internship depends on such factors as the amount of internship pay, the length of your internship, and your age. Visit the WilWeg website (in Dutch) for further information about health insurance.

Liability insurance

It is important to make sure you thoroughly check your individual situation beforehand and an agreement is signed. This includes research on which insurance you (should) have and how things are handled according to law and the internship agreement.

Health and safety

If you want to know more about the safety issues you may face in the country where you will complete your internship: The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch) publishes travel advisories for nearly every destination in the world. Each country is rated in terms of safety, ranging from Level 1 (no notable safety risks) to Level 6 (travel to this country discouraged).