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A university degree is varied and challenging in itself, but for those students who are looking to broaden their horizons or dig deeper we also offer honours programmes that provide an additional challenge. Would you like to get more out of your studies and develop your talents as much as you can? Then an honours programme could be what you are looking for.

  • Get a more in-depth perspective of the subjects in your degree programme;
  • Dare to look beyond the bounds of your own degree programme;
  • Carefully consider and work on your talents and ambitions.

Honours certificate

If you successfully complete an honours programme you receive an honours certificate. This improves your chances of being admitted to selective Master’s programmes and enhances your opportunities on the labour market.


If you want to be admitted to the honours programme you must take part in a selection procedure. We look at your motivation and the marks you got in your final examinations at secondary school and whether you have a demonstrable interest in organising and attending extra study and/or other activities.

Honours options at UU

Utrecht University offers various options for students who would like to join an Honours programme.


9 December 2016
Call for abstracts open for the Honors Education at Research Universities (HERU) National Conference on 24-25 May, 2017 at The Ohio State University.
14 November 2016
Call for proposals for International Honours Conference on June 8 and 9, 2017 at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is now open till January 6, 2017.
22 September 2016
Skills Lab UU opened for students in September 2016.
1 September 2016
New honours dean Utrecht University Michael Burke as of 1 September 2016.
26 July 2016
Afstudeeropdrachten topstudenten beschikbaar bij kennislab voor urbanisme.



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