• The programme is a selective 15 EC honours course at the graduate level, to be taken on top of any Master's programme.
  • The programme aims at a substantial participation of international students and is taught in English as the issues transcend national and cultural borders.
  • The programme starts the first weekend of October 2019 and ends April 2020.
  • The Young Innovators community gathers 3 weekends (Friday night, Saturday all day), 1 trip of 4-5 days abroad in November (with an official exculpation for their respective master courses), and 7 Tuesday nights for workshops. This is where the foundations are laid for our collective journey to creating positive social impact and the skills that are acquired to get there. Seminars, workshops, and site visits are organized, according to what serves the community most at that time.
  • Extra time: five hours weekly (preferably on Tuesday nights) for (team)work in addition to these sessions. 
  • The programme encompasses a kick-off weekend in October, a weekend trip abroad in November and a final event in April.
  • You pay a contribution of €150,- upon registration. Once you are selected you will receive more information on the payment details


Workshops are organized on innovation processes (e.g. TheoryU, Design Thinking, etc.), teamwork, group dynamics, and leadership. Through extra activities the students will develop the skills needed to successfully accomplish the challenge. For the workshops the students and staff will invite inspiring speakers from societal, public, academic, political, and business perspectives. During this programme you will be stimulated to collaborate, produce and learn in multidisciplinary teams. In this, you are challenged to take ownership of both your own and collective learning processes and thereby invited to co-create the program design.

Module 1

Foundations in social, economic, and ecological regeneration: defining topics, concepts, practicing interventions

Module 2

Sicily field camp: exploring regenerative dynamics in a river basin in Sicily

Module 3

Personal probes: clarifying personal fascination, perform and play, make sense, harvest

Module 4

Team interventions: developing an intervention in a place