Leadership Programme

In the interdisciplinary Leadership Programme students learn what it takes to become a good leader

The Leadership programme is an extracurricular honours programme for students that are interested in advancing their leadership skills. You can follow this programme (10 EC) on top of any Master’s degree of the Utrecht University.

Theory, practice, developing

The Leadership Programme is designed for students that are eager to learn about interdisciplinary theories, leadership in daily practice, and want to develop their own personal leadership skills and style. In this honours programme you learn about leadership models and what makes effective leaders. You will apply this theory to leadership issues to get a better understanding of what it means to be a leader in a globalising world. Additionally, you develop your public speaking skills and work in an interdisciplinary group of students on leadership dilemmas. 


Workshops on topics such as decision making, conflict management, and influencing are taught by experts ranging from UU professors and external lecturers. During the interactive and intimate College Tours you can engage with leaders from different domains in society, such as business, culture, higher education, as well as politics.

Leader to shadow

In the last study period you will shadow one of these leaders as part of the Leader to Shadow component: you work together with a leader in his or her organisation and experience first-hand how leadership works in daily business.