I have learnt to breach the gap between me and other disciplines
Babette de Wolff, Master Mathematical Science

During the debates in class I had to learn to connect my knowledge to that of other students and to throw my point out there. This is an important skill to have, but not a thing I learnt among my fellow degree students. I was also confronted with preconceptions other people have of me and my discipline and I had to learn to breach that gap. The diversity of people leads to different dynamics every time. People from other countries and studies provide me with insights I never thought of myself, and open up fields of study I will not easily encounter otherwise. The teachers also help in achieving this; allowing me to learn things beyond my own discipline.

I am now able to solve a problem in a much more effective way
Charlie Blunden, Research Master Philosophy

GHIS helped me to understand where links between disciplines are. By being able to communicate with people from other disciplines better, I am now able to solve a problem in a much more effective way. I have never realized how deeply engaged people are in their own tracks. It turned out that there is a lot of stuff that I just completely hadn’t heard of, but that is in fact really interesting. The teachers are very interested in your thoughts and questions, which often come from a completely different background than the teacher is used to.