In the first three blocks of the year, students will follow three seminars, each generally consisting of 4 meetings. Before the start of each period, students can indicate which seminar they would like to follow. The coordinator will determine in which seminar each student is placed. Topics that were included in the seminars of last year were: ‘The societal impact of antibiotic resistance’, 'Complexity of climate change', 'Is the era of globalization over?' and ‘Public Order and Security’ and are taught by leading research experts/professors in their field.

Moreover, across the year three joint sessions will be organized in which students gain general knowledge on interdisciplinary honours education, research and associated skills. A long weekend excursion (3 to 4 days) will take place in April between blocks 3 and 4, in which students work in an interdisciplinary setting. In block four, students of the GHIS programme work together in groups to come up with an interdisciplinary research proposal that will be presented at the end of the academic year.

Start of the programme

The kick-off day for all selected students is on 2 October 2021


  • All meetings are scheduled in the evenings. The evening of the week varies per seminar (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings)
  • Meetings last max 3 hours and are scheduled somewhere between 18.00 and 22.00 hrs
  • The course is in English
  • The GHIS course consists of 10 EC
  • The course is meant as an extracurricular course
  • There is no programme fee
  • An excursion (3 to 4 days) is part of the programme

Due to the corona virus, changes to the selection procedure and the programme can be made, depending on the circumstances. Up to date information is published on the website.