During one year, students will follow three seminars, each consisting of 4 meetings. After the three seminars, all students in the GHIS programme organize a fourth seminar together in which they share what they have learned during the previous seminars. Each study period students will follow one seminar. Before the start of each period, students can indicate which seminar they would like to follow. The coordinator will determine in which seminar each student is placed. Topics that were included in the seminars of last year were: ‘The societal impact of antibiotic resistance’ and ‘Public Order and Security’.

Kick-off Day

The kick-off day for all selected students of the programme is in September.

Start of the programme

The course starts at the beginning of October.


All meetings are scheduled in timeslot E (Monday-Thursday 19:15-22:00).

The course is in English.

The GHIS course consists of 7,5 ECTS.

The course is meant as an extracurricular course.

There is no programme fee.

Visiting a foreign university is part of the programme. Last year the students visited Heidelberg University.