Programme: focus on global challenges

Groups of five students, originating from different scientific backgrounds, work together on a specific sustainable development-related challenge provided by an external partner, ranging from private sector (e.g. VNCI, MBK-NL or VNO NCW) to local and national governments (e.g. municipality Utrecht and Ministry of EZK). The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all, are a guiding principle for this project. 

You focus on different global challenges like clean air, sustainable housing and waste as a resource. Design Thinking is used as a method to find solutions for the different challenges. Through an active learning-by-doing approach, you will be trained to collaborate transdisciplinary, thereby broadening your horizon. You will acquire new skills for life hard to acquire in a normal academic environment.

Construct a prototype

To finish this programme successfully, we ask you to deliver a real prototype, which you construct together with your team members. This prototype is complemented by a reflection report, in which you tell us about your own experiences with interdisciplinarity, teamwork, design thinking and working with external parties. Together with your team, you will pitch your solution and prototype to the external partner.


  • The Da Vinci Project is a selective 10 EC course at undergraduate level, to be taken on top of any Bachelor’s programme.
  • The programme is for 2nd- and 3-rd year Bachelor students
  • There is no programme fee
  • During study period 1 & 2 on Monday and Thursday evenings
  • The programme starts with a kick-off day in September 


da vinci
Prototype party