If you want to develop into a committed and critical academic who approaches complex questions from multiple perspectives

The UU Honours College offers several interdisciplinary, cross-faculty honoursprogrammes for all students of Utrecht University. You are provided the opportunity to develop into a comitted and critical academic who is able to approach complex questions from multiple perspectives and to work towards manageable solutions. 


A broadening, interdisciplinary honours programme for Bachelor's students in Dutch: Descartes


Interdisciplinary honours programmes for Master's students: Young Innovators, Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars, Leadership Programme (in Dutch)

Research internship

International research internships as part of the STREAM project, for students looking for depth in a research project. The STREAM project is a cooperation of the LERU universities in Europe.

Summer school

The NWIB Summer school is taught in Dutch



(030) 253 4502 

Or visit us at Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, room 104 & 105


Honours Dean

Michael Burke, m.burke@uu.nl

General Manager UU Honours College

Charlotte Brand, c.j.m.brand@uu.nl

Honours communications officer

Jacqueline Collewijn, j.m.collewijn@uu.nl

Office manager

Inge Kremer, i.kremer@uu.nl

Coordinator Descartes

Herma Bijl, h.c.bijl@uu.nl

Coordinator GHIS

Robert-Jan Wille, r.b.wille@uu.nl

Coordinator Young Innovators

Karin Geuijen, k.geuijen@uu.nl

Extern coordinator and assistant professor

Olivia da Costa Fialho, o.fialho@uu.nl