In april 2015 students of the Descartes College organised a study tour to Dublin. Read more about their experiences in their travel report (in Dutch!).

In the context of the course ‘Wetenschap in maatschappelijke context’’, students performed research on various topic without limitating themselves to one discipline. An article about colonizing Mars and another one about democratic formation in education are published on the research platform De Focus (in Dutch!).

Some statements by students of the Descartes College:

“The lecturers touch upon interesting topics which usually deviate completely from topics of concern during my own study programme.”

Rosita Kiewik - Communication- and Information Science

“The interdisciplinary character of the courses creates a whole different perspective on problems and concepts. Besides, the courses make you rethink the science of today: is the Stapel affair not a result of the publication pressure at universities? Has the government a task to intervene with science?"

Guus Wieman – History

“You are made aware of diversity in thinking processes within science. The drinks and other activities create a nice atmosphere on top of the interesting topics.”

Folkert Kuipers – Physics and Mathematics

“Reflecting on science in a playful way supported by eloquent lecturers that give strong presentations and facilitate good discussions.”

Gerben van der Werf - Chemistry

“The Descartes College made me realize that however science presents itself in various forms, this does not mean that these different ways of thinking cannot be reconciled.”

Didi van Trijp - History


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