Utrecht University students can apply for an honours programme during their Bachelor’s as well as Master’s programme. There are different types of honours programmes:

    • programme specific honours programmes: unfold the blocks below for more information
    • interdisciplinary honours programmes: you will find more information on the page of the UU Honours College
    Honours Bachelor’s Programmes

    Utrecht University offers an honours programme for each Bachelor’s programme. To be eligible for the honours certificate, at least a quarter of the Bachelor’s programme must be completed at honours level, partly inside and partly outside the core of your Bachelor’s programme. You are challenged to look beyond the borders of your study area, you are offered the opportunity to acquire international experience, and you will finalize your Bachelor’s programme with an honours thesis. As an honours student you become part of an active community of students and teachers. The activities of the honours programme are small-scaled and interactive, often through individual contact with teachers. You participate in teams that go into more depth and join in excursions, projects, publications, seminars and study days.

    Information concerning each specific programme can be found below:

    Would you like to get more information about UU Bachelor's programmes? Please visit the UU Bachelors website.

    Honours Master’s Programmes

    Utrecht University offers different honours programmes for Master’s students:

    Would you like to get more information about UU Master's programmes? Please visit the UU Masters website.