For everyone's inspiration and to get a look behind the scenes of Utrecht honours education, below you can find some examples of honours education at Utrecht University.

Experiences of students

Thierry Verburgh - History

“What appealed to me most as a Bachelor’s student of the Humanities College, was learning skills to bring academic knowledge into co-existence. The project that I am working on now translates debates about culture in this time of crisis to fictive stories in the form of books. This is how I am learning to gain experience to exploit knowledge in a creative and fun way before I go on to do a Master’s programme. This is real added value.”

Fredrick Brouwer - Utrecht Law College

“The honours programme gives an extra dimension to your study. Each day offers a new challenge, demanding you to think critically and dive deeper into the subject. This is because the core of the honours education consists of moving your limits and to think for yourself about certain issues.

The community is a very important aspect of the honours programme. You are surrounded by students who want to get more out of their education and (often) have the same interests as you. You do assignments where you have to work with other students and that works well because you already know each other quite well. Next to that, the many organised activities make sure that you see your fellow students a lot. You don’t only get to know your fellow students, but as a unique part of the honours education, you have a close communication with your teachers. Since this education is more intensive, you see your teachers more often and you can contact them in a more personal way. The students feel at home in their programme, they know everyone and this motivates them to do everything to successfully complete their degree.

There are a lot of activities organised by and for students, which are easy to take part in. For example study trips, readings, excursions or gala balls, which gives you the chance to see your classmates outside of the programme. If you have a nice idea, you can always propose it. All these aspects come together to make sure that the education itself is more enjoyable and more interesting.”

Björn Overheul - History

“Currently I am cooperating with another student to prepare for the closing symposium of the second class of the Humanities College. On this evening, the knowledge dissemination projects of other groups, a documentary and a novel, will be presented to anyone who is interested. We will organise all aspects of the event.

Earlier, as an intern at the Treaty of Utrecht foundation, I wrote an advisory report about the financing of cultural projects. The Humanities College did not only provide me with extra knowledge about the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), its foundation, and cultural establishments, but also about the practical experiences with writing individual research and organising activities.”

Ninelotte van Dijk - Media and Culture Studies

“For our final project in the Humanities College we filmed a documentary with eight students. We learned a lot but most of all it was very enjoyable! We were given a lot of freedom in designing our own final assignment. This makes the project both interesting and intensive, and we will all have to work hard and cooperate well in the next months.”

Samuel Fidder - Young Leaders League (2012-2013)

“Through my second ‘innovation challenge’ I met a lot of directors and stakeholders in the medical world, as well as the Medical Business foundation, a group of young doctors who wish to implement management skills and financial knowledge in medical education. I got involved with this foundation and last summer I could present my first achievement, a real summer school for young doctors: the TIAS-MBE summer academy, which I organized with my committee, in collaboration with TIAS.”

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Excursion reports

Below you find excursion reports of honours projects. From the faculty of Science:

From the (interdisciplinary) Descartes College:

  • Some pictures of the Descartes trip to Dublin (apr 2015)

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From the faculty of Geosciences:

  • Some picture of the GEOtrip to Istanbul (jan-feb 2015)

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