General information

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM - UU) is home to 7 departments and an interfaculty institute. These departments are responsible for carrying out the Faculty's primary tasks: education, research and patient care. The Central Laboratory Animal Research Facility is also a part of FVM-UU.

Exchange and visiting students

The academic programme for international students is limited at FVM-UU. There is one elective in English in 2019-2020:

Tropical Animal Health  (7.5 EC, 5 weeks fulltime, starts 2 September 2019)

Participation in the clinical rotation programme is limited to students from institutions FVM-UU has a student exchange agreement with. Please consult the International Office at your own institution to find out whether or not such collaboration exists.

Contact International office Veterinary Medicine

International officer: Inge Hordijk
Telephone: +31 30 253 2116


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Educational and Student affairs
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