Deakin University is a universitywide partner in Melbourne, Australia.

Academic calendar

Trimester 1: 2nd week of March - 3rd week of June
Trimester 2: 2nd week of July - 2nd week of October
Trimester 3: 2nd week of November - 3rd week of February

Deakin has a trimester system. It is possible to obtain 30 ECTS per trimester. More information:


GPA 2.6

If you are selected to go to Deakin, keep in mind that you will have to meet the English language requirements. You don’t have to worry about this until after you have been selected by UU. The requirements are:

  • Either an IETLS or TOEFL test.
  • Or a declaration of your faculty/UCU/RA that English is the language of instruction.
  • Or a high school VWO diploma showing a grade 7( 8 for MA courses) or higher for English (no more than 4 years old).

More information

Areas of study open to exchange students

All (except Medicine)

Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction


Housing assistance

On campus residences, pre-arranged accommodation and housing assistance for off campus housing.

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Estimated living costs per month

Normal study load per term
in credits: 4 credit points
in courses: 4 units (24 units per 3 year degree)

Number of places available

8 places per year


More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.


If you have any questions about this universitywide partner university, contact the universitywide International Office.