Nieuwe masterstudent - praktische informatie

Binnenkort is deze informatie ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar. 

Finding your way at Utrecht University

Welcome to the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University! In this master’s Starter Guide you will find information on registration procedures, buildings, digital tools, tips and points of contact for support.

Are you going to print out the Starter Guide? Then use the print files of the infographic: A3 (PDF print) and A4 (PDF print).

Where should I go to?

TIP: The walking route to the BBG goes through the KBG. The first number of the room number stands for the floor in the building, so 0.12 (ground level + room 12), 1.13 (first floor + room 13)


Support & contact

Need help? There is a lot of ICT Support available at the UU. You will find explanations on Or call (030 253) 4500

Log in

  • Solis-ID: Your user name for university services, that corresponds to your student email address
  • 2FA: UU secures data using twofactor authentication (2FA). You need two things to log in using 2FA: your Solis-ID and password, and your smartphone or tablet
  • Wifi: Utrecht University, log in using your email address and Solis-ID password
TIP: bookmark the Course Planner and choose your exam programme so you never have to search for your courses again

Registration & schedules

  • Osiris student: this is where you can register for courses, see your grades and change your address details.
  • CoursePlanner: to plan out your studies and have an overview of all courses included in your programme (not applicable for GSLS-students)
  • MyTimetable: scheduling website, log in with Solis ID, your schedule is automatically in it
  • MyUU: app for students featuring your grades from Osiris, your university ID, your library card and your personal schedule.
Tip: you can download free software - like Office 365 and Outlook - via:

Attending classes

  • Blackboard: learning environment for handing in assignments and finding lecture materials and information about courses. Some courses also use MS Teams.
  • Outlook: You will receive important information from lecturers and university administrators via your student email address.
  • Solis Workspace: offers all the applications you need for your courses.


  • Study spots: (you do not need to make a reservation to use them in KBG)
  • Studium Generale: free academic knowledge in the form of lectures, talk shows and other events.
  • Olympos: sports centre with a wide range of sports and fitness activities. Your OlymPas entitles you to a discount on sports and fitness fees.
  • Parnassos: cultural centre that offers a wide range of courses, productions and workshops.
  • @uubeta: Follow Faculty of Science on Instagram for student news and events.
  • Printing: use any card with an RFID chip (e.g. your OV chip card), top up your print credit via myprintportal.
  • Student website (current site): on you can find all information that is relevant for your specific master’s programme.