Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg) is an exchange destination specifically for master students Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics of the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University students.

Student experiences

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Academic calendar

An acadmic year at Chalmers is divided into two semesters, where each semester consists of two study periods. A study period consists of seven to nine study weeks and ends with an examination period. A number of self study days can also be part of a study period. There are also five re-sit examination periods distributed over the academic year.

Autumn term:
August/September - January

Spring term:
January - June

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Study periods / Quarters
Each semester at Chalmers is divided into two study periods (quarters) which both end with one examination week.


Exchange students will meet the admission requirements of the host university in terms of prerequisites for courses and language proficiency.

Areas of study open to exchange students

Master courses in the Chemistry, Physics and Computing Sciences departments.

Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction

All courses on master level at Chalmers are taught in English. A very good knowledge of the English language is therefore required to successfully pursue the studies. No official language proficiency certificate is required for exchange students       

Housing assistance

The city of Gothenburg is a popular place to study which means that there is a very high demand for rooms and apartments. This has led to a situation where it can sometimes be difficult to find accommodation and it may take a few weeks of searching for a suitable room. For the same reason, it can be difficult to find affordable housing in the most central parts of the city.
Chalmers does not have an accommodation office but a number of student rooms have been acquired from the housing agency SGS, which are intended for international students. Priority is given to students who pay tuition fees or students from outside of Europe. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of rooms and Chalmers cannot guarantee accommodation solutions.
Students have to be prepared to live outside of the city centre during their stay. Public transportation works well in Gothenburg and Chalmers’ both campuses can be reached easily by tram or by bus from most parts of the Gothenburg area and suburbs.
Information on how to apply for student rooms will be sent by email in the Welcome letter that all accepted students get.

For additional information: Accomodation in Göteborg

Estimated living costs per month

Estimated Costs of Living per month (in €)

Student dormitories: €320-550
Private apartments: € 400-600
Food/meals: €170-250
Public transportation, i.e. Västtrafik, €45-60 (lower cost up to age 26)
Academic expenses €40-100 per study period (depending on type of course)
Personal expenses €150 (depending on individual needs)
Student Union fee, Approx. € 25-30 € per semester


Credits/ grades
1 credit at Chalmers corresponds to 1 ECTS. Full-time studies correspond to 30 credits per semester. Chalmers expects exchange students to study full time, which means 2 courses of 7.5 credits each study period and 4 courses per semester. Please note that some courses use other examination than written exams. Some courses may run over more than one study period.
At Chalmers two different grading scales are used. Information on which of them is used for a particular course is given at the start of the course:
U, 3, 4, 5 (U = fail, 5 = top grade)
U or G where U = fail (“underkänd”), G = pass (“godkänd”)
Chalmers does not use ECTS grades.

Number of places available

Chemistry and Physics: 2 semester places each, Computing Sciences  4 semester places. Selection was not necessary in the past few years


Any questions?

The International Exchange Officer at the Faculty of Science is Liesbeth Achterberg.

Our open office hours are cancelled until further notice. However, you can e-mail us, via, or call via Microsoft Teams. You will then have to use the personal e-mail address