21 februari 2022 van 17:15 tot 19:15

Training "Tackle stress" (EN)

Studying, a part-time job, board work, sports, social activities... a full schedule and felt pressure on performance sometimes leave little opportunity to unstring. But also being more on your own due to Corona, insecurities or other things that you worry about can cause stress. If there is too much stress and tension for too long, it becomes increasingly difficult to relax. This can lead to high stress levels, which is unpleasant and unhealthy.

What’s the plan?

In this training you will get information and tools to tackle your stress and/ or prevent high levels of stress. We’ll pay attention to how stress arises, how you can recognize its symptoms and how you can deal with it. We explore what is relaxing for you and what helps you to actually put that in practice.

We do a.o. a mindfulness exercise, investigate which beliefs and self-images may underlie your stress and which healthy habits you can develop to increase your resilience.

The training is in English.


Nynke Okma

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21 februari 2022 17:15
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21 februari 2022 19:15