Study from home succesfully! (NL/ENG)


Need help studying from home?

Due to the current circumstances, the Wellbeing Trainers Humanities offer this weekly work group. You can commit to joining every week or just come and see if you like it. During the 1.5-hour meetings you will work with a number of fellow students in a structured manner under the guidance of a trainer to increase your effectiveness and study pleasure while having to work from home.

"The working groups taught me how to structure my days better and work more efficiently."

Within this group you can share experiences and get ideas about, for example, how to study in a motivated and structured way, the extra stress you may experience and feelings of loneliness during times of the corona crisis.

Depending on the applicants this group will either be English or Dutch spoken. One non-dutch speeking attendee means that we switch to English.

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